The Ice Cream Man

We have an ice cream man (or woman) here in Lake Worth, do you have one where you live? Most days, around 3 or 4pm (prime snacking hour) he cruises up the street at about 2 mph, blasting abstract “elevator music”- type pop¬†instrumentals¬†. I also have something to admit. I have never purchased anything from the ice cream truck. That’s right, me, the preacher of “frequent local businesses” and such other blah, blah, blah”; hasn’t ever just run outside and grabbed a sno-ball…not once! There is something inherently creepy, in these most unwholesome times we are living, about the ice cream truck. I also for some reason associate them with south central LA circa 1992, aka.”The Friday Era”.


They are frequently run-down and the operators often unsavory looking. It may just be that i’m not a huge dessert guy(as discussed earlier, in such blogs as this one.) If there was a “NY pizza” truck rolling down the street selling slices, I would be all over it. It may also be the fact that I feel resentment when I see someone selling snacks on the street given the amount of hoops I have had to jump through recently in trying to obtain a city permit. (and I don’t even plan on making my customers listen to any horrible jingles) Anyway, I have decided to try and embrace this “ice cream truck” concept. I have turned a new leaf and will be more open minded when it comes to frequenting the other Lake Worth mobile food vendors. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. polly says:

    umm honey i saw this alleged ice cream truck, and its a sketchy yellow van with hand painted letters… if you want the real deal in frosty treats the only way to go is Feverish!

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