Supermarket Sweep

So, when we moved to Lake Worth, we were excited to see a brand new Publix supermarket being built right around the corner. How convenient, not to have to drive down the street to the “old” Publix, we all thought. I’m not complaining, but how many supermarkets are “too many?” Where we live in downtown Lake Worth, there are 3 full sized Publix markets within a 5 minute drive. LW road just west of I-95 and Lantana Rd at I-95 are the other 2. I understand that we live in a highly populated urban wasteland, but I have noticed acts of cannibalism taking place. The “old” Publix looks old, sort of like Winn-Dixie, and it is always dead. I asked the butcher about it recently, and he confirmed that the store has been really quiet since “new” Publix moved right down the road. Perhaps Publix is so large a conglomerate, that they can afford to do this. Maybe they split the labor budget between the two Lake Worth east stores. Maybe with stores so close together they can move product back and forth more efficiently. Maybe instead of another Publix, the city should have lobbied for a Trader Joe’s to come in. Anyway, if I have to buy produce, I will go to C&D market out west, but if I need to buy a lot of things at Publix, I recommend going to the super-mega Publix at Lantana and I-95. The other 2 never have everything I need. There, now you know my shopping habits. I wish I had time to eat out more so I could write you a more interesting foodie column. My life lately has been working Ps561 and shopping for it, and I need to write every couple of days now or I get the “writer’s itch” (like jock itch but less “itchy”) so there you have it, thanks for reading!

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  1. So jealous! I have a choice of two grocery stores, each one a 20 minute drive away! I generally opt for the one in Rindge NH, because it has WINE and lots of it!
    Still trying to find a place to buy baby octopus, though!
    See you soon.

  2. Mommy says:

    Love your writing, very well done. No grammatical or spelling errors-Mommy’s proud. The term “cannabalizing” is exactly correct. Opening new stores loses sales for the “old” stores. They opened a WFM in Encinitas in June-our store sales are down $20,000 per week. Happens in LA all the time-that area is so saturated with Whole Foods-ugh.

    • Aaron says:

      Yep, Duffy’s did the same thing. I only assume that they projected well, because the newer one does 10 times the business of the older one. The location is so good, the sales more than make up for the struggles of the other one. Plus, after a year w/ a new budget, everything falls in line-

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