Old Key Lime House

Stef and I went to the Old Key Lime House for brunch today. I had never been here before, as we always go next door to Kona Bay Cafe. Both places were busy, prime time, noon on New Year’s Day, a Sunday, with NFL football on. We chose Key Lime over Kona Bay because we wanted to sit by the water. The restaurant is sprawling, with something like 3 bars and 4 dining rooms/patios. The weather was great, and we were seated right away on the dock. Now, let me just say, I normally don’t go to places like this. It is very touristy and beach-bummy (is that a word?), something I’m not. However, some days, like today, are very lazy days and you just want to wake up and have a drink on the water. Key Lime fits the bill in that regard. It is very peaceful to sit and have a drink in the sun and watch the boats go by. We especially enjoyed watching the employee who docks the boats use a super-soaker to spray the birds who got too close to the diners, it was pretty funny. Our server was super friendly and VERY honest. We asked what was good for brunch and he pretty much told us that 2 out of 10 items were any good. I overheard him telling the table next to us what he liked, which seemed to be nothing. The “Dad” at the next table was as amused by him as I was and I overheard him ask the waiter if he could recommend anything on the menu! Everything was “yeah it’s ok, but the portion is small”, or “I wouldn’t get that, it’s not too good.” Who says that?! Either way I think we all appreciated his honesty. He also came back after we ordered and told us the kitchen was “in shambles” and it may be a few more minutes. Hey, I’ve been there, I understand. Bottom line, come to this place, have a drink, look at the birds and the boats and just relax and go with the flow. I got the sense that the place was a bit too big for the kitchen to handle. We ordered the ham, egg, and cheese, and the stuffed french toast. Everything was passable, but looked like it was thrown onto the plate in a big hurry. The bread on the breakfast sandwich wasn’t even toasted, just cold. Anyway, they have been in business for about 50 years and are clearly doing just fine. I just may not go there to eat again. The service was refreshing and real, which we liked, and the view can’t be beat. Just sit back and have a beer.

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  1. Ken Walters says:

    A good place for a drink, but very uneven on food. Happy New Year!

  2. polly says:

    yeah, i was bummed that the food was so blah, but our server was the cutest thing, and told it like it was and you cannot beat the view

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