Customer Service?

So, the other day we went to buy a laptop at one of the big electronics stores in the area. In case you were wondering, I am not a critic. This is a blog. I don’t like calling businesses out on here. This website, Ps561 is me. Everything you see on here represents me, my opinions, tastes, etc. This blog is simply an outlet for me to tell you about cool restaurants and places that I like, and I try to keep the negativity away. We are exposed to a lot of that anyway, not here people! If I have a truly BAD experience somewhere, as I did here, I will choose to hurt them in their pocket, and not shop there, not put them out on blast in cyberspace. So, we walk into said big box electronics store, and start looking at laptops. Now, you guys know, I’m not the “technical” type. Hell, it took me 10 years to figure out how to write a blog. We need help. Lots of it. We have questions. Now, let me just add, that Stef and I were not wearing sweatpants and wife beaters at the time, in fact we were on our way out to dinner, so there was nothing about us that screamed “just looking.” It was on the later side, 9pm, store closed at 10. There was one associate in the area, who was conversing with another woman, who was technically, a “customer” as she didn’t work in the store, although, you could tell that they were just shooting the breeze.


After about 10 minutes of walking around and looking like we needed help, I approached him and said “excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt, we appreciate the no pressure sales tactic, but we have some questions, is there someone else who can help us?” He looks at me and says “No, I’m the only one here right now, it will just be a couple of minutes.” I grabbed Stef and headed for the door. So now, the light bulb goes off in his head and he realizes that HE WORKS ON COMMISSION and just lost a sale, and comes running after us. It would be like me handing you a hundred dollar bill, and you turning it down. WE ARE HERE TO BUY! HELLO! I said thanks but no thanks and we went to a competitor to buy the laptop. The whole experience was just crazy. Stef said I should have talked with the manager. I was a manager. For years. I’m not trying to get anyone fired, I’m happy with the fact that he knows he lost a sale and lost us as customers. When you are having trouble with that mortgage payment this month, think of me, buddy-

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  1. polly says:

    yes its really annoying when people complain about a crummy economy yet they have no work ethic..hello!

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