Gettin’ Bread

If you have eaten a Ps561 dog, you have surely admired the quality hot dog roll from Old School Bakery. Sometimes, however, I have no choice but to serve Martin’s Potato Rolls from Publix if I run out of Old School Bread. If I have a busy weekend, for example, I will purchase a few bags of Martin’s in case I run out of the “good stuff”. (co-incidentally, many fast food places and food trucks only serve Martin’s, it is high quality). Now, when I purchase “extra” bread, I make sure that the sell by date is as far out as possible, so that I can return it that day if I don’t need it. I am absolutely sure that Publix checks the date when you return and puts it back on the shelf, I have watched them do this. Yesterday, I bought extra rolls at Walmart and returned them at night. The lady said “what a shame, we just throw these out.” I told her that Publix does not do this and she said “yes, they do. Once it leaves the store it has to be thrown away, per the FDA.” Now I am certainly no expert on these matters but I know a little bit, and I was unaware of this. If anyone is more familiar please fill me in. When food was returned in the restaurant it was “supposed to be discarded,” although I would regularly give food that was untouched to our kitchen staff to take home, which brings up another debate: how can people in their right mind send back an entire plate of food because their $9.95 steak was medium and it was supposed to be medium rare? This ain’t Ruth’s Chris! Is Publix in the wrong for re-shelving returned items? I for one, would not have returned the bread if I knew this was the case; I would donate it to the church. The bigger question is this: How much food do Walmart and other retailers “throw out” annually? As the WORLD’S largest company, it would lead me to believe that if the FDA changed their regulations on this matter, and all of this wasted food were transported to say, Africa, famine in that part of the world would be greatly reduced, if not eliminated. What do you think?

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3 Responses to Gettin’ Bread

  1. Amanda says:

    I have been told by publix that they are required to throw out any returned food items. 🙁

    • Aaron says:

      Well, the lady at Publix in Lake Worth (you know which lady I’m talkin about!) definitely checked the date, and told me she would re-shelve it. On a side note, I know that one of the churches near our house (I call it “The Mission”) feeds the homeless a couple of times a week in Bryant Park, and they are always very grateful to take in surplus food items if you are in the area.

  2. sharron says:

    I would hope they would not reshelve the returned food, at least stuff like bread. It would not be a good idea for them to donate the returned food either. how do they know what someone might have done to the food or what it was exposed to before coming back? The best option is for the person to eat the loss and donate the extra themselves to those in need. What I don’t get is how stores like walmart will throw out tons of outdated bakery items which are still good when they could donate or give to employees in need.

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