C&D Produce

So, my favorite store lately is C&D Produce. It is convenient, and the produce is miles above Publix and Whole Foods in freshness and affordability. I buy carrots, tomatoes, avocados (they have Florida and California avocados, ripe, or not ripe), cucumbers, cilantro, limes (10 for a buck), bananas, onions, and jalapenos here. They also have a lot of South American and Caribbean fruits and vegetables that look great, but, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with. Now that I go here regularly I’m not sure why anyone would buy produce anywhere else. Also, if you are interested, they have a meat market, and they also sell lots of canned goods, rice, and a few dairy items and paper goods. My only gripe is that they have a flat screen above the registers that incessantly plays this advertising loop with what may be the most annoying jingle of all time. When you go, you will hear it and understand where I am coming from. If you live in the area and like to cook, don’t forget about this one-

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  1. Scott T says:

    I love C&D Produce!! It actually started out as a small little stand on that property and the owner before he died built it up to that big market.

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