Now, you all have noticed the glut of frozen yogurt places that have multiplied like so many horny rabbits over the past few years. I don’t know about you, but when I want something sweet, or “tumting thweet” as I used to say when I was 3 years old (don’t believe it, go axe my mama) I am definitely not thinking yogurt. I am thinking chocolate ice cream or Reese’s peanut butter cups, IJS. Apparently there are a lot of soccer moms out there that love these “fro-yo” places where you pile fresh fruit on yogurt and pay by the ounce. I don’t do these places solo. I am straight. However, when with the little lady, we love Pinkberry. It is the OG of yogurt places, founded many years ago in Southern California. Like Kogi BBQ was the originator of the food truck, Pinkberry started the yogurt trend. Hey!! quick disclaimer alert!! if at work and clicking on previous link, a REALLY annoying jingle will start to play!! That is all. Anyway, truth be told, I really like Pinkberry. My family is in San Diego, and along with In N Out Burger, Pinkberry is one of those obligatory So Cal stops. We stumbled upon a franchise in Orlando last week at the Prime Outlets, and it was delicious. Fresh strawberries and raspberries on vanilla yogurt. Done. Simple. Good. That’s that-

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