Pizzeria UNO

Pizzeria UNO is a national chain of Chicago style deep dish pizza parlors. The interior looks much like any Chili’s, Applebees, Shmucky’s, etc. that you have in your neck of the woods. Stef and I stopped by the one in Orlando near Disney last week for dinner. We were staying in between Downtown Disney and the Crossroads Plaza, which was where this UNO was located, if you are familiar with the area. I have fond memories of going to Pizzeria UNO for dinner with my dad when I was younger. As I have said many times before however, if you put a NY style thin slice and a Chicago slice side by side and asked me to pick only one, it would be the NY guys all day. Then I would ask “what’s that over there?” and grab the Chicago slice and run out of the room with both slices while your back was turned. Pizzeria UNO is not even from Chicago. They were actually born in Massachusetts, and their corporate headquarters are in the Boston suburbs. I have a feeling that the one I used to go to with my dad was one of the originals. The decor was really cool, it had a great open kitchen, and it did not look like a carbon copy taken from the pages of “Chain Restaurants 101.” Anyway, what we liked about our experience was the pizza. We ordered a big cheese pizza (with the cheese underneath the sauce, of course) and a couple of salads and some Harpoon IPA (Boston beer). We also liked the i-pod like devices at each table displaying specials, games for the kids while waiting for the food, and at the end of the meal, the itemized check, which you could pay for right at your table. Pretty neat. Soon, the human restaurant server will be a thing of the past. Oh, and we also liked that the decor, while all “classic” Disney movie posters and such, were all in French. A quirky touch. For now, there are no UNO’s in South Florida. Hopefully that will change soon. It’s pretty damn good stuff-

UNO tableside display

would you trust this man to make your dining decisions?Working Hard. Its Research and Development people!!







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  1. Stonelotus says:

    You can pick up a frozen UNO pizza at Target, I know the Boynton Beach location has them. Yeah, it’s not quite the same as eating at the restaurant, but it’s still pretty good and yes, I’ve had the real deal.

    • Aaron says:

      @stonelotus I was unaware of that. Even having UNO close by when I was a kid we would eat the frozen ones. 45 minutes in the oven and they are pretty close to the real deal…yum!

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