My Food Quest

This January, I am beginning a journey of self discovery and exploration. And food, lots and lots of food. For my first trick, I am taking a trip to Hong Kong to discover one of the world’s great food cities. Hong Kong is known as “Asia’s World City,” sort of like the New York City of the region, a supreme melting pot, if you will. Located on the historic crossroads of Southeast Asia/Indian spice routes, as well as mainland China, Hong Kong, like Singapore, is a town full of foodies (like me), always thinking ahead to their next meal. Hong Kong food is a delicious array of specialties from the entire Asian continent. As such, delicious and affordable food is never far away. You want exotic, it’s here. You want Chinese dim sum and comfort food? It is the specialty. Indian, Thai, Vietnamese? All well represented.  I have always been fascinated by the so-called “fast food” in Asia. Although the city is chock full of 7-Elevens, KFC, and Taco Bell, there are also countless “food courts,” where mom and pop vendors prepare dishes that are close to their hearts. Every vendor has their specialty, a dish that only they are known for, and known for making it better than anyone else. I am fascinated to explore the “night markets” and food stalls hawking every imaginable late night delicacy. If there is one common bond that we all share it is food. I want to explore how other cultures eat casually. Food trucks have taken over every city in America over the last few years. I want to meet other street food vendors from around the world and sample recipes that were passed down through generations of cooks. Stay tuned for details-

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  1. Karen says:

    Seriously?! Hong Kong? Why aren’t you taking your favorite Aunt?

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