The Beehive

There is a joint in Boston that we have frequented a couple of times called the Beehive that you should really check out if you are in the area. It is sort of like a modern day speakeasy. You arrive at the door greeted by 2 burly bouncers in trench coats, and if you “pass” their inspection (you will), the doors are opened and you are lead downstairs into the basement, a beautiful, dimly lit dining room with all sorts of little tables tucked into little nooks for couples, and a long bar serving up some of the best cocktails in the city. The Beehive is a live music venue, a cafe, and a neighborhood meeting place, and it wears all of it’s hats very well. On both visits we happened to hear some incredible jazz, but the Beehive attracts national touring blues, latin, rock, and soul acts as well. Keep in mind, this is NOT a dingy live music venue. It is more like a social club from the 1920’s. You keep your table, order many delicious and strong drinks, and enjoy the show. Because the layout of the club is awkward, with many strange angles, like the layouts of most of the old buildings in Boston are, the volume is never such that you can’t carry on a conversation with your friends. This is first and foremost, a place to socialize. The vibe here is friendly, colorful, and bohemian. The clientele is young professionals. Boston, like any other big city is a melting pot, and the Beehive attracts everyone, so it is a great place to people watch. It is unpretentious, we have never paid a cover, and oh, by the way, the food is absolutely sublime, “elevated” American comfort foods. Try the short rib grilled cheese, it is incredible. On a cold winter’s night, to stumble into the warm and welcoming urban oasis that is the Beehive is a wonderful experience.

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