Yankee Lobster Co.

If you guys have been following along you will know that I have an unhealthy obsession with a few foods, notably pizza and whole belly or “Ipswich” fried clams. (A¬†side note: We were at a hotel somewhere about a year ago, and the card on the desk said “in case of fire, remain clam.” We are still laughing about this) I miss these foods terribly because i can’t find decent renditions down here in Florida. Last week we were in Massachusetts for a week and I had the pleasure of eating some of my faves. We stopped into a newer joint called the Yankee Lobster Company due to my research (anyone else do heavy research before deciding on where to eat dinner?) and findings that many people had written positive reviews of the place on Trip¬†Advisor. <=this is spell checked, can you believe that? The computer says it is supposed to be spelled adviser. Whaaaa??? Anyway, we were at Yankee Lobster, a real hole in the wall tiny little cafe with seating for about 25 people, around noon, and the place was jam packed with office workers on their increasingly shorter lunch breaks. Yankee Lobster is at the dead end of the suddenly booming Seaport Blvd, which when I was a kid was just a strip of scary looking industrial warehouses and wharves. Today, Boston’s Seaport District is like another small city, filled with new buildings and fancy restaurants. At Yankee Lobster, you order at the counter (the place is also a seafood market) and they bring your order to your table. By the way, there is no harbor view. This is the real deal, not a touristy place. You want touristy, go to the Bahhhkin’ Crab!

Clam Roll

Clam Roll

Stef and I ordered a scallop roll (with several huge sea scallops) and my Ipswich whole belly clam roll, as well as some clam chowder. Each roll came with a massive pile of fries, resting on top of a buttered New England style hot dog roll (although I have to say that my Ps561 rolls from Old School Bakery are better) and each was delicious. The whole belly clams explode in a rush of hot salt water when you bite into them, after dipping in some tartar sauce of course! Really good stuff, and the place is doing a killer business. Plus they serve local beer on tap in plastic cups. I don’t know why, but I think beer tastes better from plastic. There are a lot of old school seafood “standbys” in Boston that have been cranking it out for years. Yankee Lobster seems to be the leader of the new school. Keeping it local, doing it fresh, and doing it right. Oh, and Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives filmed there, so you know it’s legit.

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  1. NE Girl says:

    Try Kelly’s Landing in Ft Lauderdale. They have fried whole belly clams and 2 kinds of lobster rolls. One cold with light mayo and the other hot with only melted butter like we do it in CT. I go there when I need my NE fix!

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