Stop Hating on Guy Fieri

So, Guy Fieri (spiky highlights, surfer glasses) has opened a chain of “burger joints,” actually, cavernous family feed-bag style 2 story monstrosities, one of which will be in Miami this winter. Today’s New York times panned the restaurant as basically a pile of shit soaked in gravy and covered with bacon, as well as did several other write ups by prominent food critics. Now, this hurts me, because I for one like Guy. He has my dream job travelling the country and eating at mom and pops’. I like his car. I watch his cooking show on Food Network and of course Triple D. I am not ashamed to admit I think he is pretty funny. Guy is a brand, first and foremost, a corporate shill selling his soul to the highest bidder. He is ridiculed for his “frosted tips” and surfer swag, even though he is in his late 40’s. It’s his BRAND, people! If Guy showed up on set with neatly combed hair wearing a polo shirt and khakis, the show would be OVER! He lives and eats like a king, does whatever he wants, has one of the longest running shows on TV, and I am sure, started out at the bottom like we all did, washing dishes at some dive bar in California, or Boynton Beach, or wherever. He hit it big. Why hate? He is not trying to re-invent the wheel, culinary wise. His restaurant in NYC should be hailed as a relief from the stuffy 3 Michelin star restaurants dotting the landscape. Sometimes we just want smothered french fries and chicken, dammit! And to these asshole NY Times critics, we don’t all have access to the best in the world at our doorsteps like you do. Most of us only have greasy spoons and diners in our towns, if we are lucky. To criticize Guy Fieri for opening up a gaudy restaurant filled with TV’s and designed to appeal to the masses is hypocritical. If NYC doesn’t want tons of tourists from the Midwest (and other parts of America) to come and spend money in your city, if you only want sophisticated guests to visit, who require only champagne and fillets of Dover sole a la meuniere at Le Bernardin, well then you guys are missing the point. Tell it to the 75 busboys Guy has working at his restaurant. They sure as hell believe in the place. Have you been to Times Square in the last 10 years? It’s like Vegas. There is Applebee’s and Ruby Tuesday and TGI Friday’s and everything else. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there damn sure is a market for it. Guy Fieri was not the first. Let the man sell out and do his thing, besides, he doesn’t need you and doesn’t care what you think-

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  1. Stonelotus says:

    The NYT article didn’t slam Fieri for his style. His restaurant got slammed for its execution, or lack thereof. The menu hyped the food and the kitchen let it fall flat. The service was amateurish. I don’t see where the hype itself was ever attacked, only the execution.

    When you slap your name and/or face on something that makes you responsible for it. I’d hope that someone with the professional background of Fieri would take that to heart and make things right rather than responding with “f*ck the haters!”.

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