Smallknot Campaign

So, as you know we here at Ps561 are soliciting donations to fund the purchase of a new food truck through a little known company called Smallknot, out of Brooklyn, NY. I stumbled upon the Smallknot concept while searching online for “Kickstarter”-like websites, after discovering that food trucks were not eligible for Kickstarter campaigns. The idea behind Smallknot is to choose something¬†relatively small, such as the purchase of a new truck, tables and chairs for your restaurant, or a new piece of equipment, and let your best customers, friends, and family in the neighborhood kick in the funds to make it a reality.

In return for investing in your business, they earn increasingly fabulous rewards depending on the contribution. Investors literally see the project come to fruition the moment it is funded and the goal is reached, and they can enjoy their investment for years to come. It’s a really cool idea, started by some cool guys in NYC. Ps561 is one of their first campaigns outside of the 5 boroughs. That’s why we are so excited about it! The chance to be part of something new and upgrade our humble food truck at the same time. And our customers get to actually pitch in and help out one of their favorite businesses in their own ‘hood, to become a part of the evolution of a small business into something truly special and unique.

I believe in my heart and soul that we have a winning concept with Ps561. Our gourmet dogs and veggie dogs are the best. They make people happy, and now it’s time to take them to the masses! We have 45 days starting today to reach our goal of raising $2,500. Any amount above that we keep, and will directly go towards upgrading and re-imagining the Ps561 concept. We love you all, appreciate your biz, and look forward to your contribution!

Here is the link:

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