Palm Beach Smoothies

Stopped into Palm Beach Smoothies yesterday morning in Boynton for a pick-me-up. I’m trying to watch what I eat lately and, aside from the occasional hot dog, I have been successful. I used to go to this PBS before work when I was at the Duffy’s on Hypoluxo. PBS is a little different than say, Jamba Juice or Smoothie King in that they attempt to position themselves as a “healthy lifestyle” store geared to the post workout or yoga set. I feel that Smoothie King especially, is more of a “dessert” smoothie.

Anyway, I arrived at around 10am on a Sunday morning and the poor guys working there looked like they wanted to be anywhere else. The plaza where PBS is located was like a ghost town. I had to cross what felt like 10 miles of empty parking lot to reach the store from the FedEx, which was my original destination. Seems to me that PBS could save some $$ by closing on Sunday, especially in the summer. I’m pretty sure I was the only customer they had all morning.

Every other (occupied) storefront around them was closed. I asked the guy what to order that was healthy, and he told me I should get a juice, so I did. He recommended a juice with orange, kale, cilantro, lime, and some other stuff. They blend the juices to order. It was good! But soooo expensive. Like $7.50 for a 16oz cup of juice. If you bought these ingredients and blended them at home you could make about 25 portions for $7.50. If you want healthy, you are going to pay for it! Sorry I sound like your Grandpa, but it is a consideration. But the juice was great! And, I felt good about my choice. Give it a shot-

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  1. sharron says:

    read a review about your food truck from yelp so I decided to research you, wanting to know somewhat about how you chose the theme you did. anyway. read through your blog and while I cant disagree with you on the overpriced nature of some things like smoothies and I agree with your evaluation of Shake Shack- I too don’t get the hype, I have to wonder at what you say here. Sure you can make the juices and smoothies at home cheaper, but I was thinking exactly the same thing about your hotdogs. 5 bucks for a hotdog seems a little pricey to me. SO to cut the place down because you could make the product cheaper at home, while the same could be said of your product as well seems a tad hypocritical don’t you think?

    • Aaron says:

      Hey, thanks for reading. I agree with you 100%. It’s tough to be critical when I, myself own a small business that is by no means perfect. I just enjoy writing and use my blog more as a diary than anything else. I didn’t mean to criticize Palm Beach Smoothies. They have a great product and we are big supporters-


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