Sweetwater Grill and Bar

Sweetwater has been in business for a couple of years now and we have been meaning to try it out. Finally we stopped in for a drink the other night and we were sufficiently impressed. First off, the place looks incredible. It is small, maybe seating 75 people or so. There is also a small patio fronting Federal Hwy if you would like to smoke. Half of the room is the bar, which stretches from floor to ceiling with assorted bottles.

Faux brick accents (almost) make you forget that you are in a brand new development on Federal Hwy in (gasp) Florida. Reclaimed elements and an open kitchen complete the “big city” look of the joint. With the high ceilings and open concept you could really be sitting in any “hot spot” in San Fran, Portland, any “cool” west coast city.

The “thing” at Sweetwater is “craft cocktails” with fancy ingredients (think one big ass ice cube per drink). There are about 20 different house concoctions on the menu at any given time and each one will set you back $10-$12. This is not a cheap night out, however, you will most likely only need two of these at most. I drank one on an empty stomach and was definitely feeling the buzz (but I am a lightweight). I asked the bartender what he recommended and he suggested the latest bourbon based cocktail. I don’t think you can go wrong here.

I had what he suggested and Stef chose a different one. They were hard to put down. Really tasty. If you like beer they have some great craft bottles, such as Ballast Point IPA brewed in San Diego, which I have yet to see anywhere else in South Florida. Although we didn’t eat, the menu is full of tantalizing items. Everything looked great and you will certainly find something good to eat. We are happy to have this place in the neighborhood and we will be back again soon.

One note on parking: I was confused (as usual). There are two entrances, one from Woolbright and one from southbound Federal, but they are small and easily missed at night. It looks like the entrance to the residential development and I turned out of the first entrance thinking I was in a private driveway even though I was in the right spot. There is a two story garage directly behind the building where you park. A sign saying “restaurant parking” would solve the problem. Just an FYI-

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