District Table and Bar

District Table and Bar has been open for about a year up in Stuart, FL. I found it using Yelp. What a great find. First off, you have to be looking for this place, you won’t stumble upon it. It looks like a podiatrist’s office, tucked into a small strip mall in the middle of nowhere. This is the destination. You are not going to go for a stroll and a night on the town after dining here.

The concept is farm to table and the restaurant lists all of their sources for meat, seafood, and produce on blackboards inside. The decor is very simple and clean but very comfortable. There are no “2 tops.” Everyone gets a big table to spread out. Thumbs up. The place seats about 100 guests. The bar seats about 20. They only serve beer and wine. They offer several interesting craft beers on tap, but not too many. They are only open for dinner 6 nights a week. They know their clientele. They know the area. They are just doing their own thing up there in Stuart. And it seems to be working out quite well.

We arrived last night (Sunday) around 7:30 and found a 20 minute wait, however, the hostess informed us that tonight was “buck a shuck” (dollar oysters) and we could sit at the bar. The clientele wore lots of pastels and was engaged in lively conversation when we found 2 remaining seats at the bar. Everyone up here looks like they golf, but even with our tattoos and blue hair, we felt very comfortable here. The vibe 30 minutes north of West Palm is completely different. It is simply more cordial. There are more smiling faces. People are more laid back, in general, up here in my opinion.

The staff was all 20-30 somethings who looked like they were having a complete blast. The service was “easy friendly.” Very natural. By the end of the night, the 2 head chefs (bearded 30 year old dudes) were sitting at the bar chatting it up with the pastels. It seems that this place is run by young people that truly value their customers and have a great time doing what they love. Everyone working here took such pride in the place, you could feel the love. This restaurant is clearly loved in the area.

Anyway, for the food; the menu changes regularly based on availability, but the concept is American comfort food. We started with the bread. For $2.50 an order, we decided not to share. I’m glad I had my own order. Warm toasted kalamata olive bread is paired with rosemary butter and it is to die for good, especially with the “side salad” that we shared, which was served in a big stainless steel bowl and big enough for 3.

Portions are large, and the value is outstanding. We also shared the burger, topped with bacon and a fried egg that was messy and delicious, and the shrimp and grits, served “deconstructed” with a fried egg, green onion, and tasso (smoked thick cut ham chunks. Mix it all together and it becomes magical. We obviously loved this place and you should definitely check it out if you are in the area-

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