Cha Cha

Good afternoon friends! It’s been awhile. Stef and I haven’t really been going out much. When we aren’t working, its been sandwiches, chicken, rice, and veggies at home. We are saving money, and trying to watch what we eat as well. Not too exciting, I know. I guess I will never be a big time foodie blogger guy. I just can’t eat like I used to. I’m turning 32 this year. I know. Old. When I eat a burger and fries now it is assured I will be up at least three times during the night for water, and I will feel like a bloated whale in the morning. I have been turning more and more to Asian food, because a. I love it. b. It is lighter fare that is typically just as satisfying than say, Cheesecake Factory.

Cha Cha¬†is a real deal ramen restaurant. It is in a newish strip mall in Wellington near the mall. It seats maybe 20 people at most. It is not fancy. It almost feels like it’s half nail salon and half restaurant. There is not even a sign outside. You have to know about it. An 87 inch flat screen broadcasts Japanese soap operas. The music is typical “sushi joint radio.” There are several palm plants around. It is spotlessly clean. Although they have it, this is not necessarily a sushi place. Get the ramen. I don’t know of any other place that specializes in it in these parts. There are about 50 different bowls to choose from, each with a different broth and proteins. I ordered the pork broth with roast pork and veggies. It was spicy…silky…delicious. Make sure to arrive early, especially on the weekend. There will be a wait…

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