Flavor of India

Flavor of India opened about a year ago on Dixie Hwy in Lake Worth, right around the corner from us. I have wanted to try it out and the other day I had my shot! I love Indian food. I was introduced to it at an early age by my friend Russell, who’s mom was from Pakistan. She loved me and treated me like one of her own. She would take the three of us out for dinner occasionally, sometimes to this amazing Indian/Pakistani joint near where I grew up. It’s really a lot like Italian food, with rice instead of pasta. Use the bread to mop up the gravy. You get it. Anyhow, I hope Flavor of India develops a great following and stays around for awhile, because I loved the food.

I ordered tikka masala with chicken (I know, the most “Americanized” Indian food dish, but it’s my FAVORITE!) and garlic naan bread. This was enough food for 2 for about $16. Absolutely crazy huge portion. The guys running the joint were as friendly as could be. Indian music videos playing on the flat screen, just a super clean (if not super bland decor) to the place. Comfortable. They do a dine in special for 2 which can be vegetarian or not. Looks like a little of everything. Sounds like a great deal. Too bad my lovely wife is not big on spicy food. She knows that if she has dinner with a friend it’s Aaron’s Indian/spicy Thai/Mexican food night. Go support these guys. Great place-

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