The Community Organics

If you are like me, the thought of “healthy and wholesome” eating sounds a little scary. In the past, when we have gone to Publix with the intent of stocking up on fruits and vegetables, most of them have ended up going bad in the fridge. Until we found Community Organics. See, the trick is: don’t go to the vegetables, have the vegetables come to you! Every 2 weeks a box containing a rotating mix of produce arrives for us. For $40, I think it’s a steal. Enough to feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks. When you get your box it’s like Christmas. You lay it all out and come up with a plan. When you see it all in front of you it makes you want to be creative in the kitchen.

Every box contains something that I am unfamiliar with. Last week it was rainbow chard (which we chopped into a salad with feta, peaches, and pecans. This week it’s white beans (which I’m still thinking of how to prepare. Maybe grilled?) If there is anything left over after a week or so I blend it with almond milk or OJ and drink the veggies. No waste. Every 2 weeks, AFTER I get our box, I go to Publix and purchase “staples” like some chicken to grill, eggs, rice, pasta (carbs and proteins to go with the fruits and veggies). Maybe it’s just me, but it’s made grocery shopping a whole lot easier. Plus, organic stuff tastes WAY WAY better than Publix produce and it’s made me a healthier eater. I have lost 5lbs in a month. Check em’ out, see what you think-

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